Twelve 2018 World Champions [2018-07-09]


  • M14 Klec Jakub CZE
  • W14 Novotná Michaela CZE
  • M16 Denysenko Dmytro UKR
  • W16 Chamina Daria RUS


  • M14 Dvornikov Danylo UKR
  • W14 Petrovska Yeliena UKR
  • M16 Danchishen Daniil RUS
  • W16 Kuriaková Terézia SVK


  • M14 Liakhovych Volodymyr UKR
  • W14 Sobotová Alžběta CZE
  • M16 Melnikov Dmitrii RUS
  • W16 Střítecká Markéta CZE     


WYAC in Czech Radio — [2018-07-08]

Listen to radio spot on Czech Radio (Liberec) news from 144 MHz classis. But it's again in Czech only.  

WYAC is over [2018-07-07]

The 2nd IARU World Youth ARDF Championships is over! We hope that you all safely arrived home or to the 5days ARDF in Mariánské Lázně. Most of the team leaders received Official Results (on paper as well as on a flash drive) and pictures from our photogallery (again on a flash drive). But both is available to all of you — results can be downloaded from the Download section and Photogallery is here (contains slightly more pictures — generally of a Czech team). 

We thank all the sportsmen for great results and to all visitors and team officials who created wonderful atmosphere in the finish areas and during ceremonies. 

The finish of the 144 MHz classic [2018-07-02]

On Tuesday July 3, 2018 we will close the championship with the last competition — 144 MHz classic. The finish location is the same as for sprint (see below for details).

WYAC in Czech TV [2018-07-02]

See TV spot on Czech TV kids program news "Zprávičky (Déčko)" from today sprint. But it's in Czech only.  

ONLINE Results [2018-07-02]

See this page with online results (for all competitions) — unfortunately, there wasn't stable internet connection during the first competition. 

The finish of the SPRINT [2018-07-01]

On Monday July 2, 2018 the sprint race take place. The finish is located in the vicinity of the event center — the way from Poslův Mlýn is  clearly marked.  Closest car parking is  by the event center.

The finish of the 3.5 MHz classic [2018-06-30]

On Sunday July 1, 2018 we have 3,5 MHz classic race. The finish is placed on the meadow by the side of the road from Srní u České Lípy to Česká Lípa. GPS coordinates: 50.6397839N, 14.5579022E. Parking is at nerby meadow.   

Bulletin No. 4 (ARRIVAL) [2018-06-30]

Bulletin No. 4 is released — you can download it in DOWNLOAD section of the web page.

We are ready for your arrival  [2018-06-29]

Badges, starting numbers and further materials are ready, We are looking forward to see you in Doksysorry, but we have to announce a slight change in the schedule of meals:

Change in the schedule of meals [2018-06-27] 

We are sorry, but we have to announce a slight change in the schedule of meals:


July 1–4: available at 7.15–8.30 (7.15–8.15 limited access for WYAC participants only)


June 30 available at 12.30–14.30 (13.00–14.00 limited access for WYAC participants only) 
July 2 available at 12.30–14.00 (13.00–14.00 limited access for WYAC participants only)


June 30 available at 19.00–20.00 (19.00–20.00 limited access for WYAC participants only) 
July 1–2 available at 17.30–19.00 (18.15–19.00 limited access for WYAC participants only)
July 3 available at 17.00–18.00 (17.00–18.00 limited access for WYAC participants only)

Four days to WYAC [2018-06-26] 

In just four days the second World Youth ARDF Championship will begin. Latest map revisions are finished and maps are already printed. Medals arrived already few days ago and are fond of being awarded to you — competitors.

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